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There is a human striving for self-transcendence, It’s part of what makes us human. With all our flaws we want to go a little bit further than we’ve gone before and maybe even further than anyone else has gone before.
— George B. Leonard


Upcoming Events

West Elm Boise - November 8th


Dessert Pop Up and fashion show @ west elm Boise 6-8 pm
November 8, 2018

Join us at West Elm in downtown Boise where fashion meets great taste! Our friends on Idaho street have invited us to introduce several different dishes to accompany their roll-out for 2018 winter fashions! Desserts such as our famous cashew “cheese” cake, assorted cashew ice creams, fresh baked cookies, cobblers, and other creations such as ice cream cookie cakes and more! Music will provided throughout for a plant-based and gluten free dessert extravaganza!


Heidi Lane Esthetics - November 16th

holiday sampling @ Heidi lane esthetics 6-8 pm

November 16, 2018

We all know we should eat more plants for our health and for the environment, but with the holidays coming what does that look like? Heidi Lane Esthetics is hosting a holiday sampling event on November 16th at 6pm with plant-based chef Michelle Russell. Michelle holds a Master’s degree in Education, completed her culinary training in Europe and her yoga certification in India. Michelle specializes in “Imposter” dishes meant to help people transition to healthier choices and personalized cleanses for Epstein Barr virus and Auto Immune Disorders. Sampling will include a plant-based holiday roast, stuffing, mash potatoes, mushroom gravy, kale salad, and pumpkin cheesecake and other decadent desserts.



Explore Your Nature

The Kula Connection isn't about revealing flaws, it's about identifying strengths that need reinforcement.