Chef Shel Leigh

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Welcome to The kula connection! I'm chef shel leigh, a teacher and plant-based, Gluten-free chef.  

What is food education? A food educator helps you sift through all the confusing information about food. Eight out of 10 survey respondents said they are confused by all the conflicting information about what food to eat and what food to avoid. Meanwhile, only one in 10 Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables, 90% don't like to cook, 2/3rd's of all Americans are overweight or obese, and one out of every two Americans has a chronic disease. 

Yikes! The food industry thrives on your confusion and your busyness. The person in charge of the food pyramid, Louis Light, wrote a book about how corrupt the process was. You are supposed to be confused. Let a personal plant-based chef help you feel better by reconnecting to cooking and learning about your food.