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Definition - What does Kula mean?

Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “community,” “clan” or “tribe.” This word is sometimes used by the yoga community to denote the sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through yogis coming together to practice yoga.

Kula Dudes builds a community of support where men are encouraged to connect to their own inner discovery, through the practice of yoga. Kula Dudes is an all-in-one mobile mentoring studio that meets you where you are. Literally.

We incorporate the science of biomechanics to explore the potential for strength through asana practice.   Our approach brings anatomical & biomechanical awareness to the process of healing trauma. Connect to your body’s range of motion and your mind’s range of positive social influence.

Through yogic based philosophies Kula Dudes instills the science of ethics in a collaborative setting which builds mindfulness, while giving you the blueprint necessary to correct anger, hostility, depression, and anxiety.

Kula Dudes teachers are trauma informed professionals, internationally accredited to coach you through your healing journey. Together we will strengthen your relationships to your loved ones and connect you to a greater sense of community.

Work with us today to uncover a new connection. Kula Dudes. It’s here.