The Eight-fold Path


It all started when…

Yoga is NOT about working out, it is about working IN. You might think of yoga as exercise only. Exercise is but a fraction of how yoga is expressed. Kula Dudes Yoga employs Patanjali’s Eight limbs of yoga.

They are:

1.    Yamas- Ethical Disciplines

2.    Niyamas- Individual Disciplines

3.    Asana- Posture (this limb is interpreted as exercise)

4.    Pranayama- The cultivation of energy through breath

5.    Pratyahara- Sense withdrawal

6.    Dharana- Concentration

7.    Dhyana- Meditation

8.    Samadhi- Unity or Self-Realization

You are passionate and powerful. To control your passions and emotions the first two limbs of the eight-fold path must be understood and practiced to keep you in harmony with your fellow man. With greater harmony comes greater energy to practice the biomechanical limb of asana for elite physical strength and endurance.