The Jumpstart


Jumpstart your health with a personal plant-based transition program


verb\ˈjəmp-ˈstärt  \ jump-startedjump-startingjump-starts

Definition of jump-start 

transitive verb

1: to start (an engine or vehicle) by temporary connection to an external power source (such as another vehicle's battery)

Think of your body as the vehicle and think of hiring a personal chef as the external power source ready to spark you into action.

2a: to start or restart (something) rapidly or forcefully advertising can jump-start a political campaign

Think of hiring a plant based chef to create a jumpstart for you as rapidly and forcefully taking charge of your health.

b: to impart fresh or renewed energy to (something)ENERGIZE a plan to jump-start the stagnant economy

Think of a jumpstart as a fresh approach to your stagnant past attempts at reclaiming your health.


The rationale for Plant based food:

A lifestyle change to plant based food can reverse many chronic diseases including, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Plant based food helps prevent cognitive decline and reduces the inflammation that can cause depression. It saves water, land, resources and animal lives while cutting green-house gas emissions.

A custom jumpstart not only helps you understand the changes you’ll need to make to shed extra weight and clean your entire system, but it ALSO reboots and energizes your mind, allowing you to see your life more clearly as you plot your course forward.

If you’re looking for a truly fresh start to the year that will leave you feeling healthy, connected and filled with inspiration, consider the following:

When you purchase a cleanse you normally get only the juice. No support, no guidance, no supplementary information…just the juice.


You can work with a personal Plant-Based chef. While working with me you receive daily juices tailored to your specific goals, snacks, freshly prepared meals with instruction so you can make them yourself in the future, education, constant personal support, support groups, free yoga and meditation, coaching and follow-up consults.

Jumpstart your Health

Chef Shel Leigh’s signature Jumpstarts


What is a jumpstart? A Jumpstart allows you to start off on a journey to great health under the guidance of a professional plant-based chef with a menu consisting of juices, raw snacks, and healthy plant-based meals tailored specifically for your dietary goals.


Why do a jumpstart? A jumpstart helps give your digestive system a break from processed foods, sugar, and chemical toxins and is a simple way to flood your body with more living enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. A jumpstart allows you to experience success and feel better as you embark on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.


What happens during a jumpstart? During a jumpstart your body will detox and begin to re-set itself to new healthier habits. You will start each day with celery juice (you can still have your coffee, but we’ll be learning ways to make our coffee more alkaline), raw fruit breakfast, snacks, mid-morning juice, raw food lunch, mid-afternoon juice, snacks, plant-based dinner, and dessert smoothie.


 Why do a jumpstart with a private PB chef? When you purchase a cleanse program you normally only receive the juice itself. When you hire a personal plant-based chef you receive a custom designed jumpstart and expert 24/7 support and guidance to help you be successful. Plus, you will learn to make all the food from your jumpstart yourself.


What else is included in my Jumpstart? In addition to all your food for 5 days you will receive cooking lessons, education, background information on the power of plants to heal, mindful eating exercises, coaching from a National Board Certified Health Coach, yoga classes appropriate to all abilities and tailored to your goals, unlimited check-ins during the Jumpstart, support group meetings and ongoing transition assistance.


Show me the value:

Each day looks something like this:

At whatever time you select your celery juice, lemon/ginger/turmeric tea, your morning smoothie and breakfast, and snacks until lunch, will be delivered.


At whatever time you select your lunch, afternoon smoothie, and snacks will be delivered.


At whatever time you select in the evening you will meet with your chef and learn how to prepare the things you ate during the day, talk about how you are feeling, make adjustments and have your plant based dinner.


During the five days you can also schedule additional cooking lessons, yoga and mindfulness sessions, coaching support and attend the Jumpstart support mixer.


In case you’re still not convinced:

If you bought just the juice for a 5-day cleanse from a juice shop you would pay around $250. If you ate out for three meals a day you would spend around $60, if your average meal included a coffee and/or beer. This 5-day program offers you all organic, hand-picked, ultra-nutritious plant based food prepared especially for you, and a myriad of extras.


The Jumpstart program is revolutionary because it’s sustainable. You are taking the first steps toward a real lifestyle change and learning to cook with plants so you can continue to reap the benefits the Jumpstart sets into motion.


Don’t wait! Chronic diseases, most of them preventable, amount to 90% of the nation’s 33 trillion-dollar health care bill. Where and how you spend money on your health is important to the outcome. Most diets fail because they are not sustainable. Jumpstarting your journey into plant-based food is your best option for long term success. Learn to cook delicious meals that support your wellbeing while you have tons of awesome support and guidance.


Similar services for a 5-day program run $1,500 or more. Take advantage of this introductory offer and Jumpstart your health today!


Jumpstart price for individuals: $750

Jumpstart price for individuals in groups of 5: $600

Introductory sale price for individuals or groups: $500

(good for bookings made during January only)


Not in the area? No problem! Chef Shel Leigh loves travel cheffing and will come to you for an additional travel fee.